Xtend Barre


Currently there is NO Xtend Barre until mid August!

The Xtend Barre Workout
 is the premier ballet barre workout that combines dance and Pilates to offer challenges in coordination, rhythm, and cardiovascular fitness. 

The Xtend Barre philosophy is simple. We teach a multi-level class geared to challenge bodies of any age, gender, or fitness background. We offer exercises that can be modified for beginners, prenatal clients or clients with injuries, but that can also be amplified for advanced clients that are looking for an extreme challenge. The Xtend Barre system sculpts the body proportionally so that all body parts are equally challenged. This total body workout serves to strengthen, lengthen, and stretch the body from top to bottom, from inside out. 

The end result is a long and lean physique… without added bulk. Developed from a dance / Pilates background, the Xtend Barre workout combines the amazing results of dance with the principles of strength and safety in Pilates.

Our Xtend Barre instructors are all certified in Matwork Pilates and have all undergone Xtend Barre's rigorous training and continuing education. We aim to offer you the safest, most efficient, and internationally-respected barre workout possible.

The Xtend Barre workout has been sought after by national spa and fitness centers and Pilates devotees from the US, Brazil and Canada. Clients range from new enthusiasts to seasoned fitness pros and include men, women, teens, Pilates practitioners, professional athletes, celebrities, and dancers. The Xtend Barre method is best summarized by a long-time client: “If Pilates sculpts your body, Xtend Barre ™ chisels it.”

All equipment is provided, however it is recommended to bring a towel and water. We ask that you wear non-slip socks; some are available for purchase in the studio if you do not have any.

Visit the Xtend Barre Australia website! http://www.xtendbarreaustralia.com.au